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The Little Art Gallery

1: Arches National Park, 48"x48"x2", arylic on canvas, $8000

2: Arches National Park, 48"x48"x2", arylic on canvas, $6000

3: Autumn, 48"x48"x2", arylic on canvas, $7500

4: Purple flower, 40"x40"x2", arylic on canvas, $8500

5: Rose, 40''x40''x2", acrylic on canvas, $8500

6: Sunflower 2018, 40"x40" x2", arylic on canvas, $7500

7: Ocean2018, 40"x40"x2", arylic on canvas, $15500

8: Crabs, 40''x40''x2", acrylic on canvas, $5500

9: Flag, 48"x60"x2", acrylic on canvas, $25000

10: Blue Colour, 48"x60" x2", acrylic on canvas, $25000

11: Saturday afternoon in Dublin's pedestrian bridge, 48"x72"x2"

acrylic on canvas, $35000

12: Columbus Ohio, 48"x72"x2", acrylic on canvas, $25000

13: sunflower, 48"x60"x2", acrylic on canvas, $35000